Thursday, May 28, 2009

Six Word Memoir

Six Word Memoir

In the blog Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valtner Paintner asks, " What six word memoir would describe your life at this present moment?" She used these words to describe herself," urban monk bearing witness to beauty". After a few brief moments of thought I wrote these words: "Passing by watering gardens, seeking rest". As there are many types of gardens for different purposes, so there are many situations in life, home, work, neighborhood, church, organizations, school. In all of these I have endeavored to pour the living water of God's love and mercy. I now find that the pitcher is running dry. Where there was once the joy of the mountains, my interior landscape is looming as flat as a Kansas prairie. Putting six words togther in this fashion was a good way to guagw the condition of my soul. Put six words togther and describe the condition of your soul. Is is well with your soul? It isn't well with mine, but I know the well to draw from, the water is sweet and I am taking long drinks and resting in the shade. I'll be back shortly I expect, God willing.

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Ron Unruh said...

Pamela thanks for writing some time ago. The other day someone who had been at your site, found mine as well. I am looking forward to reading many of your interesting blogs. What a refreshing collection of 'where I wander' sites you have. I am appreciating the sounds of your spiritual and daily journey.