Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Using the visual arts as a way to facillitate prayer and meditation

: This is the web address for the Prayer Windows site that I came across in my wanderings around the web. It could be adapted using other visual imagrey or even photographs. This same idea could be used in the context of music only, taste or smell. The Master of the Universe created the five senses and some people can tap into their spirituality better when they use these elements to facillitate inspiration. Think of a song that has moved you or a smell that touched you, the inscense used in some churches, the Lord's Supper are all examples of using the senses in a sacremental way. My Uncle Earl sent me this link to a website that belongs to a physician who is a nationally known watercolor artist. He combines imagrey with biblical text to create thoughtful pieces with the translucent quality so typical of the medium. This man has obviously practiced the discipline of watercolor and allowed the grace of God to flow through his work.